100% Satisfaction Guaranteed | Try Risk-Free

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed | Try Risk-Free

made for athletes —

by athletes

We understand improvement begins with optimal daily nutrition. That's why we engineered our industry-leading Superfood Shakes to help you feel better, recover faster, perform stronger, and break your PR’s.

your athletic goals are our mission

We’re on a mission to help you reach athletic goals faster, improve more efficiently, and break your PR’s at a shattering rate. We begin our mission by optimizing your performance through a breakfast Superfood Shake made from the highest-quality, plant-based ingredients with nutritional properties tailored for athletic performance and general health and wellness.

sustainable sourcing

Minimizing our carbon footprint means a lot to us. It guides every decision we make, from sourcing our ingredients to our choice of packaging materials. Our plant-based ingredients produce fewer greenhouse gases, use less land, and consume less water, while our packaging material is always made of recyclable materials.

honest & transparent

There’s nothing we want to hide from you. Our natural ingredients are pure and don’t contain additives, colorants, or any nasties — nothing you can’t pronounce. Our breakfast Superfood Shakes are simple, effective, and backed by research. We care about what we put in our bodies and believe a healthy outside starts on the inside.

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