about us

save your workout — replenish your body

Fitness is 80% nutrition, 20% exercise. We believe you can become the fittest version of yourself through active nutrition — no matter how you workout.

your fitness goals are our mission

Uniqueness is a fundamental characteristic of the human condition. Your body type, workout activity, and fitness goals are unique to you. Through the right combination of plant-based superfoods, recovering faster helps you save your workout and perform better the next day.

sustainable sourcing

Minimizing our carbon footprint means a lot to us. It guides every decision we make from sourcing our ingredients to our packaging materials. Our plant-based ingredients produce fewer greenhouse gases, use less land, and consume less water and our packaging is made of recyclable materials.

honest & transparent

There’s nothing we want to hide from you. We know the farmers who source our ingredients and where they come from. Our natural ingredients are pure and don’t contain additives, colorants, or any nasties — nothing you can’t pronounce. Our blends are simple, effective, and backed by research. We care about what we put in our bodies and believe a healthy outside starts on the inside.

make the most of your workout

What you eat 30 minutes after a workout matters. Take a simple quiz to find out which plant-based superfoods are in your recovery blend.

our story

After meeting at the University of Southern California in 2018, we quickly connected over our love of fitness and began commuting together to the gym in Downtown Los Angeles. On the drive home, we would talk casually over a post-workout shake.

We blended our shakes, combining endless ingredients with clunky scoops into a clumsy shaker… and quickly realized there had to be a better way. While all other aspects of the wellness space had been modernized — workouts, clothes, and equipment — there was still no clarity and simplicity when it came to our post-workout recovery.

Kyoku worked with specialized registered dietitians and doctors to create personalized active nutrition, tailored to the body type, workout activity, and fitness goals of each user. And most importantly, we streamlined the process — by providing your unique blend of plant-based superfoods in beautifully designed, single-serve packets that are delivered monthly to your doorstep.