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made for athletes —
by athletes

We understand improvement begins with optimal daily nutrition. That's why we engineered our industry-leading Superfood Shakes to help you feel better, recover faster, perform stronger, and break your PR’s.

your athletic goals
are our mission

We’re on a mission to help you reach athletic goals faster, improve more efficiently, and break your PR’s at a shattering rate. We begin our mission by optimizing your performance through a Superfood Shake made from a personalized plant-based ingredients with nutritional properties tailored to your body type, workout activities, and fitness goals.
your cycling goals are our mission at Kyoku

sustainable sourcing

Minimizing our carbon footprint means a lot to us. It guides every decision we make, from sourcing our ingredients to our choice of packaging materials. Our plant-based ingredients produce fewer greenhouse gases, use less land, and consume less water, while our packaging material is always made of recyclable materials.
sustainable sourcing at Kyoku field of ingredients

honest & transparent

There’s nothing we want to hide from you. We know the farmers who source our ingredients and where they come from. Our natural ingredients are pure and don’t contain additives, colorants, or any nasties — nothing you can’t pronounce. Our Superfood Shakes are simple, effective, and backed by research. We care about what we put in our bodies and believe a healthy outside starts on the inside.
Kyoku Founders Harry and Ryan

our story

In case you were curious about why we started Kyoku, we wanted to share a bit about our origins. In January 2018, we met each other at a product incubator in Downtown Los Angeles called LavaLab. While we weren’t working on the same project at the time, we quickly became very close friends through the network. We shared many common passions, hobbies, and interests including fitness. Historically, we both stuck to anaerobic activities such as strength training, HIIT, and CrossFit.

Shortly after meeting each other, we became interested in the world of endurance sports and quickly found ourselves road cycling, mountain biking, and training for triathlons. Coming from a world where focusing on one’s daily nutrition was a large focal point of training, we found it very unique how endurance athletes, specifically road cyclists and triathletes, focus on what they consume during their training but often neglect other areas of nutrition entirely.

Seeing daily nutrition as an unaddressed problem in the endurance sports space, we set out to create a Daily Superfood Shake that’s designed to be consumed as a morning meal replacement and provide athletes with superfoods that enable them to have more vitality and train harder. This includes functional greens such as broccoli, spinach, and kale; carbs & proteins from hemp seeds, chia seeds, and brown rice; performance benefits from beetroot, ashwagandha, and black pepper; and recovery improvements from turmeric, tart cherry, and quercetin from apples.

After working with industry-leading MDs, PhDs, and RDNs in Los Angeles, we created a Superfood Shake system made from a personalized blend of plant-based superfood ingredients tailored to your body type, workout activities, and fitness goals. We also streamlined the process — by providing your Superfood Shakes in beautifully designed, single-serve packets that are delivered monthly to your doorstep.

Currently, we’re on a mission to empower every athlete to break his or her PR’s through daily superfood nutrition. We’ve helped many riders break their PR’s so far and hope to help many more!

Ryan roddy & Harrison valner