The Journey

From start to finish, we’re determined to track and communicate every step our superfoods take. All of our ingredients are natural, pure, and only made from things you can pronounce. We want to be transparent about how they transform into your Personalized Superfood Shake.

A Deeper Look at

Hemp Seeds

Hemp Seeds
Hemp seeds are rich in healthy fats, protein and various minerals, helping repair and rebuild muscle fibers after a workout.

an all-encompassing superfood shake

Kyoku’s Superfood Shakes are far more than just protein — on average, roughly 40% of our personalized formulas consists of our plant-based protein, and the other 60% are superfoods with specific goals. Our Superfood Shakes have diverse nutritional properties tailored to help you perform better according to your unique goals. Don’t get us wrong, protein matters, but our unique approach to leveraging superfood ingredients is what makes the difference in optimizing performance.
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