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Kyoku Product Box

Innokenty Z.

Pro Cyclist

Body type: Muscular
Riding Style: Time Trial Specialist & GC Riding
Cycling Goals: Durability & High Sustained Power

“Nutrition is a huge part of training. You have the stimulus, the training itself, but then you have the recovery. The training breaks down the body and makes you weaker and the recovery is what makes you strong.”

Rendy W.

Marketing Manager

Body type: Slim
Riding Style: Road Cycling & Triathlon
Cycling Goals: Endurance & Strength

“It's really hard to find a good recovery shake that's organic and also vegan. It's a hard thing to get it right and not have it taste like dirt. With most high-quality formulas, you feel like you need to close your nose and plug. With kyoku, I can sip on it and enjoy.”

Sasha R.


Body type: Muscular
Riding Style: Triathlon
Cycling Goals: Speed, Endurance, & Strength

“I really believe in whole foods and that we are what we eat. Organics is a huge part of my philosophy with foods. Having as many local, fresh, and organic ingredients as possible is a requirement for me. Kyoku makes it easy for me to consume what I need without compromise.”

Triathlete Sasha R. - Kyoku