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Kyoku Product Box

Lucas Barbosa


Body type: Muscular
Riding Style: Road Cycling
Cycling Goals: Speed, Strength & Style

"Kyoku has completely changed my nutrition by providing me with all-natural and effective ingredients, tailored specifically for me, just a shake away. It’s definitely the best way to get serious about your nutrition and perform like a pro."

Lucas Barbosa

Alexa Everson

Gravel Rider

Body type: Average
Riding Style: Road & Gravel Rider
Cycling Goals: Improved Fitness, Health and Happiness

“I struggled for years to find a shake that doesn't make my gut feel like a pit of concrete and I refuse to consume anything with ingredients I have never heard of. Kyoku is personal, wholesome, and simple. Every ingredient has a purpose measured to fit my own fitness needs and leaves me feeling ready to keep pushing my limits.”

Alexa Everson

Brian “Safa” Wagner

Aggressive - Road & Gravel

Body type: Lean
Riding Style: Road & Gravel Rider
Cycling Goals: Reduce Inflammation, Recover Quicker, Ride Faster

“I used to take recovery shakes after riding because that was accepted knowledge of how to take care of yourself. I tried various store-bought options and never really felt much of a difference. Some upset my stomach more than others, and that was the main influence on how I chose my product. I now take Kyoku's Superfood Shakes daily because I do feel the positive effects. I feel fresh and ready to hit the hills all over again. Great taste, natural ingredients, and no stomach trouble.”

Philip B.


Body type: Muscular
Riding Style: Triathlon
Cycling Goals: Performance, Speed, and Endurance

“When it comes to performing at your maximum capacity, nutrition is KEY. When your nutrition is dialed you can amp up your training, which translates directly to achieving great results. I started using Kyoku because their personalized shakes really appealed to me as an athlete, running, cycling and triathlon coach. Their 30-day PR guarantee made me want to give it a try! I can assure you, I am hitting PR’s on swim, bike and run sessions and I’m feeling great!”