post-ride nutrition is
essential for recovery

According to industry-leading doctors and dietitians, what you consume within 30 minutes after a ride matters. Proper recovery allows your body to replenish its energy stores, reduce inflammation, repair damaged tissues, and perform better the next day.

Here's What The Research Says...

fitness is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise

In a clinical trial comparing a control group, a group that only did exercise, a group that only focused on diet, and a group that focused on both exercise and diet, those who only exercised did not see any changes in body weight. However, the group that focused on both exercise + diet and diet alone did produce significant results.

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post-ride nutrition is essential to achieving your cycling goals

Post-workout nutrition, with protein supplementation, is helpful in exercise recovery, lean muscle growth and maintenance, as well as immune function preservation.

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what you consume 30 minutes after a ride matters

Replenishing key macronutrients such as protein immediately after exercise can help repair and rebuild your body’s muscle fibers.

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