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According to leading doctors and dietitians, what you consume for breakfast affects your daily vitality and athletic performance. Feel + perform better with Kyoku's Superfood Shakes.

Starting at $5.25/shake $2.62/shake — Backed by our 30-day PR Guarantee.

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How it Works

Take our assessment
Through a quick (but thorough) assessment, we’ll get information about your body type, workout activities, and fitness goals.
Your personalized superfood shake
After the assessment, we cross-reference your answers with our research database to personalize a Superfood Shake, specifically made for you.
Consume daily, feel + perform better
Consuming your Superfood Shake provides you with the nutrients you need to replenish your energy stores, reduce inflammation, and repair damaged muscle fibers — allowing you to feel and perform better day-after-day.

Starting at $5.25/shake $2.62/shake — Backed by our 30-day PR Guarantee.

Vegan Vegan
Gluten-Free Gluten-Free
No Colorants No Colorants
Soy Free Soy Free

what athletes are saying

Brian “Safa” Wagner

Brian “Safa” Wagner

Aggressive - Road & Gravel

“I used to take recovery shakes after riding because that was accepted knowledge of how to take care of yourself. I tried various store-bought options and never really felt much of a difference. Some upset my stomach more than others, and that was the main influence on how I chose my product. I now take Kyoku's Superfood Shakes everyday because I do feel the positive effects. I feel fresh and ready to hit the hills all over again. Great taste, natural ingredients, and no stomach trouble.”

Lucas Barbosa with Kyoku

Lucas Barbosa


"Kyoku has completely changed my nutrition by providing me with all-natural and effective ingredients, tailored specifically for me, just a shake away. It’s definitely the best way to get serious about your nutrition and perform like a pro."


Alexa Everson

Gravel Rider

“I struggled for years to find a shake that doesn't make my gut feel like a pit of concrete and I refuse to consume anything with ingredients I have never heard of. Kyoku is personal, wholesome, and simple. Every ingredient has a purpose measured to fit my own fitness needs and leaves me feeling ready to keep pushing my limits.”

Philip Billikopf with Kyoku

Philip Billikopf


“When it comes to performing at your maximum capacity, nutrition is KEY. When your nutrition is dialed you can amp up your training, which translates directly to achieving great results. I started using Kyoku because their Personalized Superfood Shakes really appealed to me as an athlete, running, cycling and triathlon coach. Their 30-day PR guarantee made me want to give it a try! I can assure you, I am hitting PR’s on swim, bike, and run sessions and I’m feeling great!”

backed by science

We develop our Superfood Shakes with leading medical and nutritional experts — who make training and nutrition a daily priority.

“I’ve just finished a grueling 30-mile bike ride, and I’m sipping on a recovery shake mixed from a sleek black packet. It has 27 grams of protein, because I’m trying to gain muscle, and omega-3 fatty acids to keep me feeling full. Beetroots boost my endurance, and anti-inflammatory green bell pepper keeps me from getting sore. This mix was designed specifically for me by Kyoku, a California-based startup that launched in 2018.”

December 2019

"We all know doing events like the Tour de France and other hard rides, recovery is key. Without recovery, you know, the next day is just not the same. It allows you to train harder, improve faster, beat your PR’s."

July 2020

"Don’t be fooled—this is far more than just another fancy protein shake. Step one involves you taking a short questionnaire on the Kyoku website to determine your basic goals, fitness, and dietary needs/desires. From there, your recovery shakes are customized to meet your needs (using plant-based protein only), which include “superfood” ingredients such as beets, tart cherry, green tea extract, turmeric, and ashwagandha."


peform better with
the world's best superfoods

Starting at $3.75/Shake - Backed by our 30-day PR Guarantee.

frequently asked

Why does personalization matter?
Your body type, workout activities, and fitness goals are unique to you. Through the right combination of plant-based superfoods with nutritional properties tailored to you, you’ll recover faster, feel better, and perform stronger the next day. Whether you are a 30-year-old track racer who’s looking to optimize sprinting workouts or a 55-year-old who’s looking to manage weight to become a better climber, Kyoku has you covered.
Why plant-based superfoods?
Health and wellness communities agree that diets emphasizing fresh, whole food ingredients are superior for overall wellness. Superfoods are nutritionally dense and laden with naturally occurring antioxidants and micronutrients. This is why we wanted to use only natural, wholesome ingredients. Furthermore, plant-based ingredients are far more environmentally sustainable. These ingredients produce fewer greenhouse gases, use less land, and consume less water compared to animal-based protein counterparts.
Why consume a Superfood Shake?
According to leading doctors, dietitians, and personal trainers, what you consume on a daily basis directly impacts the way you feel and perform. Consuming the optimal amount of protein, carbs, and healthy fats on a daily basis and after training is essential for replenishing your body with the fuel it needs to adapt and recover. Optimal nutrition reduces inflammation, repairs damaged tissues, and allows you to perform better the next day. If you're able to perform better the next day, day-after-day, you'll increase the amount of high-quality training you're able to do over time. As a result, you'll improve faster, reach your athletic goals more quickly, and break your PRs.
Does Kyoku actually work?
Our Superfood Shakes are made with clinically proven plant-based ingredients that contain nutritive properties designed to help you give your body what it needs to perform better based on your body type, workout activities, and fitness goals. Industry-leading doctors and dietitians engineered our personalized system to achieve optimal performance. Therefore, we've empowered countless cyclists to break their PRs, and our products are loved by everyone from weekend warriors to WorldTour pros. We believe in our Superfood Shakes so much that we offer a 30-day PR Guarantee, meaning if you don't break a new PR within 30 days of starting with us, we promise to refine your formula or refund your purchase entirely.
Why should I trust Kyoku?
We want to be transparent about everything we do. We know the farmers who source our ingredients and where they come from. Our natural ingredients are pure and don’t contain additives, colorants, or any nasties — nothing you can’t pronounce. Our shakes are simple, effective, and backed by scientific research. We've also optimized our formulas to promote health-span and longevity, so there's no need to compromise. We care about what we put in our bodies and believe a healthy outside starts on the inside.
What kind of testing do you do?
We carefully source our ingredients from the highest quality organic farms from all over the world. Additionally, we thoroughly test our products for pesticides, heavy metals, and irradiation.
A hard training session inevitably depletes your body’s glycogen stores, a key energy source derived from digesting protein and carbohydrates. Running out of glycogen stores makes many athletes experience extreme fatigue, dizziness, a near-complete loss of energy, and the inability to focus. Our Superfood Shakes contain glycogen-rich ingredients such as Sweet Potato, Quinoa, and Brown Rice which are specifically designed to replenish your depleted nutrient stores.
Micro-tears in muscle fibers are a normal part of training, happening when we impose strain on our muscles. Therefore, it is essential to replenish your body with highly digestible protein that contains the full amino acid profile in the effort of growing, maintaining, and repairing your body's soft tissues, including muscle. Although this macronutrient has gained a title as the 'building block of muscle,' not all protein is created equally. Kyoku's plant-based protein blend consists of the best ingredients, such as Hemp Seeds, Chia Seeds, Chickpea, Peas, and Brown Rice. Thus, our Superfood Shakes allow your soft tissue fibers to heal more efficiently and become stronger in the process.
Muscle soreness and joint pain experienced after a training session are often associated with mild forms of exercise-induced inflammation. Inflammation can cause pain, slow your recovery process, and even obstruct the progress you’ve made with your training. By managing post-workout inflammation, you can recover faster, protect yourself from overtraining, cause less stress to your body, and perform better the next day. Therefore, our Superfood Shakes leverage clinically proven anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Tart Cherry, Turmeric, and Beet Root.